Captivating Couples 2013

Fresno, CA and Hawi, HI
Melisa, 28, real estate broker
Kelli, 35, real estate sales counselor
In 2004, Kelli was working at the county public assistance office when Melisa stopped in, accompanying a friend who was applying for aid. Melissa slipped the security guard a note for me with her number, says Kelli. It worked-and the two began dating. The couple admits that the lack of acceptance from Kelli s ultraconservative family has presented its challenges, but they have formed a united front. They have managed to persevere by staying on our path, no matter what others believe, according to Melisa. They prefer their currentdomestic partnership to a marriage, as Kelli explains, I personally feel that marriage in the traditional sense is overrated. Just as politics and religion should be kept separate, so should love and law. As Melisa and Kelli move forward in their commitment to one another, they do so with an emphasis on respecting each others individuality, forgiveness ad a sense of humor. Kelli says that she hopes for a future in a place that is all liberation and love.
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