Captivating Couples 2013

Brooklyn, NY
Amanda, 33, art teacher
Michele, 34, executive director of dance4life USA
Both new to Brooklyn in 2003, Amanda and Michele found themselves at the famous Park Slope gay bar Gingers with their separate groups of friends. The two hit it off immediately, and casually snuck out to grab a slice of pizza together. This January, Amanda and Michele threw a lavish wedding to celebrate their legal union, which they had finalized in June 2012. What keeps the fires burning after a 10-year partnership? Lots of communication and a bit of romance every day, says Michele. Amanda loves Michele for her ability to be bold, honest and outgoing, while Michele appreciates Amanda for her strong sense of self and her loyalty to her friends and family. For this cultured couple, they hope the future is filled with what truly matters in life. Friends and family, love and fun, Michele adds. In five years, We hope to be celebrating our five-year wedding anniversary and sending our kid off to kindergarten.