Captivating Couples 2011

They met online, in grad school and even at an adoption center. Their love stories quell the naysayers and show us all that it can happen. Quit mooning over your exes and be inspired!

(And they’re in no particular order ‘cause we’re captivated by them all!)

Jessica & Cecile

New York, NY

Jessica Robertson, 27, Editorial Director for MTV

Cecile Murias, 26, freelance TV producer and production manager

Separately, Jessica and Cecile decided to give a try for just a month. The lucky couple first connected on the dating website—and their first date lasted more than 10 hours. They’ve now been together for almost a year, and are embarking on an expedition to Indonesia later this year to satisfy their mutual love of travel. When not jet-setting around the globe, Paducah, Ky. native Jessica loves music, scarves, Chapstick, carbs and running; Cecile, originally from Miami, indulges in Scrabble, wine, volunteering and Meg Ryan rom-coms. Cecile credits shared values as the key to togetherness. “Jessica is a sweet, polite Southern belle residing in Sunnyside, Queens and I'm a fiery Cuban living in Manhattan, but we couldn't be any more compatible,” she says. “We both value family, friends, culture and growth as individuals and as a couple.” That, and they’re “madly in love with each other.” That helps too.