Captivating Couples 2011

Cole & Jeanette

New York, NY

Cole, recording artist/works in facilities design and construction management

Jeanette: Ph.D. in Psychology; Child Development and Health Care

Cole and Jeanette describe themselves as “two modern-day archetypes: the rocker and the nerd,” and thus are an unlikely couple. They met while working together at a home care agency in NYC, and quickly formed a comfortable friendship. Cole had moved to NYC from Pittsburgh to pursue opportunities in music, and the couple soon realized a strange coincidence: that one of Jeanette’s closest friends is the aunt of one of Cole’s former Pittsburgh band mates. After 9/11, they realized their friendship had become something more and the two have been together since. They say the key to a successful relationship is “mutual respect, trust, and that you like, as well as love, your partner.” The two recently founded Numb Chin Records, which released Cole’s first CD last year.