Captivating Couples 2011

Davone & Tiffany

New York, NY

Davone, 37, CEO and Founder of Dollhouse Enterprises Inc.

Tiffany, 29, computer engineer

Davone and Tiffany’s epic romance began online, through Davone’s social networking company, Dollhouse Enterprises. After exchanging a few e-mails, the two began dating, amazed at how much they had in common. Tiffany, who is eight years younger than Davone, kept her age a secret at first and it threw Davone for a loop when Tiffany finally revealed it. A few months later, Davone broke it off, scared by the age gap. Two years later, in June 2010, they ran into each other at a Pride event and all their old feelings came rushing back. They went to dinner the next night and have been together ever since. “We truly enjoy laughing together, shopping, traveling”—Tiffany took Davone to Aruba for her birthday last year—”going to Broadway and off-Broadway shows and being pampered at spas. We also attend church weekly, as our faith and spirituality is very strong and keeps our relationship grounded.” The two got engaged this past fall by getting their initials tattooed on their ring fingers, with a wedding scheduled for later this year. “It was as if Tiffany got down on one knee and asked me to be her wife," Davone says, "but we did it our way!”