Captivating Couples 2011

Deana & Julieann

Queens, NY

Deana, 28, special education teacher

Julieann, 49, manager in a law firm

"Julie and I look back at the start of our relationship and laugh," Deana says, "because most of our friends doubted that our romance would last due to the 20-year age difference between us. Despite the generation gap, our ages have never interfered with the amazing chemistry, love and respect we have for each other.” Deana and Julieann first met through a mutual friend three years ago, but later shared an intense connection at a Melissa Ferrick concert. The two have gone on to design an apartment together and they became domestic partners last June. “Communicating with each other is a big part of getting through any situation. And we don't take ourselves too seriously. Having a sense of humor definitely helps with our age difference. We laugh at the puzzled looks on people’s faces when they realize what the true nature of our relationship is!”

I Love NY