Captivating Couples 2011

Stacy & Valerie

New York, NY

Stacy, 44, DJ and restaurant general manager

Valerie, 41, catering executive

Stacy and Valerie met seven years ago at one of the first parties Stacy DJed. The attraction was there from the start; as Valerie puts it, “we gave each other the eyes.” Their friendship became a romance two years ago and the couple got engaged last year on Fire Island. Both women enjoy giving back to the community and volunteering their time at various organizations. “We laugh at everything! We find the joy and the laughter and the love in everything we look at,” Valerie says. “We recently had our engagement party and really did it up! It meant the world to us, [and] we saw how it affected our family and friends around us and how important it was for us to celebrate love.”

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