Captivating Couples 2011

Lisa & Catherine

Ewing, NJ

Lisa, 29, web design business owner/Michfest Half-Way Soiree founder/painter

Catherine, 31, neuroscience customer service rep/writer

Big love in the Big Easy: Lisa and Catherine met at a Meetup group that Lisa runs, but it took a few months before they “fell in love there on the streets of New Orleans on Fat Tuesday,” as Lisa describes it. They moved slowly, despite a mutual attraction for one another. Sparks started flying, and Lisa flew to New Orleans to meet Catherine for Mardi Gras. “She leapt out of the taxicab and pounced on me,” says Catherine. “I knew this was it!” As a writer and a painter respectively, Catherine and Lisa are able to appreciate and inspire one another’s work. In addition to open, honest communication and unconditional love, they credit their ability to be goofy and make one another laugh as the glue that binds them together. It also doesn’t hurt that their relationship was founded on a strong friendship before evolving into much more.