Just Some of America's Captivating Couples, Part 1

Rebecca & Anne
New York, New York
Rebecca Szymczak, 27, Women’s Apparel & Lingerie Designer/Design
Director, Playboy
Anne Neczypor, 26, Advertising Editor/Television Editor/Writer/Comic

“I could have a blast at the DMV if Anne was with me,” Rebecca says of her entertaining and quirky comedian girlfriend. Anne has a special flair for the unusual that her girlfriend treasures: she once amused Rebecca with a homemade spreadsheet itinerary she created for one of their early dates. The couple share a joint committment for making life’s mundane and even unpleasant moments as much fun as the great ones. They laugh a lot together and they love taking walks, exploring New York, fashion, interior decorating, photography, old movies, Scrabble, Backgammon, cooking for each other and - yes! - cleaning. “Anne once told me that one of her favorite quotes is ‘Relationships are not necessarily two people, the world at their backs, facing one another. The right kind will be two people, standing side-by-side, the whole world before you.’ I think that’s why we work so well together,” says Rebecca. “We are both incredibly outgoing, ambitious, passionate women but most importantly we see each other as equals. We support each other and work as a team