Just Some of America's Captivating Couples, Part 1

Amy & Kathryn
Los Angeles, California
Amy Turner, 43, Writer and Performer/Painter
Kathryn Lounsbery, 31, Writer, Performer, and Keyboard Editor

Amy and Kathryn are quintessentially showbiz types: they met while each was performing at Los Angeles’s Second City Improv spot and they co-authored a show together while in the initial stages of their courtship. They are currently performing together in That’s What She Said, their jointly penned show which is touring nationally. When not on the road they see as much live performance as possible, whether at the LA Philharmonic, at the Hollywood Bowl, or at a musical featuring their friends. Being creative is a driving force for both women: “We love to write and play music and are constantly thinking of new songs and jotting them down on little bits and pieces of Post-It notes.” Amy and Kathryn are commited to keeping humor, music, communication and mutual respect alive and well in their relationship at all times.