Just Some of America's Captivating Couples, Part 1

Ashley & Kelly
New York, New York
Ashley Marie Salter, 27, Model/Student
Kelly Gaunt, 26, Personal Trainer/Student

Two summers ago on a night out, Kelly caught Ashley’s eye. “I couldn’t stop thinking about her,” Ashley told us. “A week later I saw her at a party, and I turned to my friend and asked ‘Who is that hottie?’” Five minutes later, in mid-wiggle on the dance floor, Ashley’s friend introduced them, and they hit it off immediately. “Turns out Kelly had known who I was for about three years, but, because I was in a relationship at the time, she had held off on approaching me.” Kelly’s patience paid off, and she got the first kiss right then. “When I went to say goodbye we went in for the respectable hug,” said Ashley, “but I decided I’d just go ahead and plant a big one on her! I kissed her and then ran out the door!” Kelly is a student and personal trainer who loves to dance, paint and bake, while Ashley is a student and model who enjoys surfing, scuba diving, dancing and flying trapeze. Together, this crazy-in-love couple likes to travel and play with their two mini schnauzers. Their secrets to success are simple: trust, patience, laughter, and keeping things interesting. In their spare time, the two are video correspondants for GO Magazine.

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