Just Some of America's Captivating Couples, Part 1

Jessica & Loree
New York, New York
Jessica Pelletier, 30, Social Worker/Nonprofit President
Loree Moore, 26, Professional Basketball Player

Set up on a blind date by one of Loree’s WNBA teammates almost five years ago, Jessica and Loree tied the knot in December 2009: Jessica says it still feels like the first day they met. “We literally laugh all the time and we get a kick out of each other; there is never a dull moment.” They find balance in embracing life and all the little moments it brings, and in not taking themselves too seriously. Both love shopping and have an obsession with vintage clothing, shoes and electronic gadgets. The couple sees any adversity as an opportunity to put things into perspective and focus on how special their relationship is. “We never go to bed mad! If we have to stay up to 3am to talk it out, that’s what we do.” Jessica is active in the LBGT non-profit world and recently founded Voices of our City, a spoken word organization for gay youth. Between her hard work and Loree’s busy career, the couple cherishes their quality time at home most of all. They especially love to curl up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, a bag of cheddar popcorn and a good DVD. “We also schedule ‘date night,’ so we don't get wrapped too up in work to remember to take time out for us, because nothing else really matters.”