Lucky 7: Our Seventh Year in Review

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In the wake of Prob 8 fallout, media coverage of same-sex marriage shifted. Fox News barely peeped when a series of states embraced marriage equality. Dr. Laura, who in the past called homos a “biological error” and a gateway drug for pedophilia, told CNN that committed gay relationships were “a beautiful thing and a healthy thing.” The only noticable backlash to our climb toward equality came in the form of a widely-mocked television spot produced by the National Organization for Marriage. Titled “A Gathering Storm,” the video featured cheesy CGI graphics of thunder and lightning behind a group of presumably straight people expressing their fear of gays. The feeble protest spawned dozens of parodies including a segment on The Colbert Report and a video starring Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities called “A Gaythering Storm.” NOM looked ridiculous and we got the last laugh.

Free Life Campaign 10/27