Makin' Waves

Join GO to welcome Logo’s Curl Girls to a small screen (and a big club) near you!
This summer, enjoy the beach from the air-conditioned comfort of your own living room. Logo’s new lesbian surfer reality series, Curl Girls, will have you bikini-clad in no time.
The reality series—from producers of such hit shows as Work Out and Top Design—follows the lives and loves of six lesbian surfers in Southern California amidst a wild torrent of romance, careers, friendships and, of course, the waves. Curl Girls plays like a mash-up of The L Word, Baywatch and The Real World, all packed into one tiny wetsuit.

Introducing themselves as “a group of gay, strong, opinioned women who share one love—surfing,” these vixens cat-fight, break up, make up and make out. Heightening the drama is a competition in which the beauties duke it out on the waves, guaranteeing the most salacious rivalries between cast members.
This group of sexy SoCal surfin’ sirens are more than just eye candy. Erin, a gun-slinging prosecutor, and Michelle, the voice of reason. There’s also Melissa and Jessica, the shaky, steamy couple; Vanessa, the off-beat fashion designer; and Gingi, the bisexual wild card.
The sizzling sextet will make their Logo debut on June 18, 10pm ET, so don’t miss it!
Curling up with GO Magazine!
Be the first to get wet in the Curl Girls wave! Come celebrate the girls’ anticipated arrival with us as GO and Logo team up to offer exclusive sneak peeks around the country. The screenings will also mark the announcement of GO’s new online home at
From June 9 to 23, GO and Logo will host kickoff events at locales in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Kansas City and New York City. Catch the waves of women, see a preview of the Curl Girls in action, and pick up free GO t-shirts, frisbees and buttons! With a tantalizing new show on the way and free swag, how could this summer get any hotter?

Curl Girls sneak peeks near you

Sat, June 9th in Washington, DC at Collision Dance Party @ Love at 9pm. Get more info at

Sunday, June 10th in Washington, DC at Secret Sundays @ Bar Nun, doors at 6pm.  Get more info at

Tues, June 12th in Las Vegas at Ladies Night @ FreeZone at 7pm. Get more info at

Thurs, June 14th in Chicago @ StarGaze at 6pm. Get more info at

Fri, June 14th in Los Angeles at Truck Stop @ Here Lounge. For more info contact

Sat, June 16th in Seattle at Girl4Girl’s Pre-Pride Gemini Event @ Neumos at 9pm. Get more info at

Sat, June 16th in Portland at Girl4Girl’s Pride Event @ Wonder Ballroom, doors at 9pm.  For more info go to and click on Portland.

Sat, June 16th in San Francisco @ Club Lexington at 7pm. Get more info at

Sat, June 16th in Philadelphia at Surf’s Up Girls @ Sisters at 8pm. Get more info at

Sat, June 23rd in Minneapolis @ Pi at 10pm.  For more info call (612) 877-4368.

Sat, June 23rd in New York @ Pier Pressure at 9pm. Get more info at

More cities to come—check the events listings for more info
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