Out Artists on the Rise

Kristin Mueller

“I've never really classified myself as an out musician, rather a musician who's out. Living in a city like New York has afforded me the lucky opportunity to work in a creative environment where who I'm sleeping with is irrelevant compared to what I bring as an artist musically,” and what Kristin Mueller brings is a lush, country sound that can be heard on her debut album Ports of Call. Mueller’s work has earned her critical acclaim from The Village Voice and Time Out New York and her song “Finding a Woman” is featured in the Sundance award-winning film What Alice Found.

Originally from New Jersey, her travels to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where she played in clubs throughout the Northeast, led her to New York City. In addition to her own music, she divides her time drumming for the Caulfield Sisters, Gloria Deluxe, and Clare Burson, and playing banjo for M Shanghai String Band. “Most of the musicians I play with these days have become some of my closest friends. Their immense talents challenge me as a player and a person.”

Mueller is also the engineer and co-host of WFMU’s “Old Time New” with Noah Zark. She can be seen every Tuesday in August at the Living Room with Clare Burson and will be showcasing her own material at Club Midway on Sept 6th. Check her website kristinmueller.com for updates.

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