Out Artists on the Rise

photo by Emma Gaze
Emma Gaze of Electrelane
Electrelane’s drummer, Emma Gaze, laughs with amazement when she talks about the places she has toured. “We’re heading to Japan for one day,” she says incredulously.

Gaze’s first gig as a drummer was in her parents’ house in Brighton, England, playing along to Buddy Holly and the Crickets songs. The eighth kid among nine, Emma was 14 when her father suggested she take up an instrument; she immediately knew that the drums were for her. In high school she met Verity Sussman and together they formed the band Electrelane, who have become one of the darlings of the indie music scene with their post-rock sound, reminiscent of Stereolab.

Gaze is comfortable with herself and her sexuality, “It’s fairly obvious that I am [gay]. It’s not something I have to announce or anything.” “On Parade,” the second track on Electrelane’s 2005 album, The Power Out pays homage to Stephen, the boyish heroine of the iconic lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness. Although not pigeonholed as a lesbian band, the all-female foursome certainly has a strong lesbian fanbase who love their lyrics and unforgettable live shows.

The band’s most recent album, No Shouts, No Calls, has been met with rave reviews and the four-piece have been impressing fans with their live shows all over the world. They just finished a stint opening for indie favorites The Arcade Fire, which is sure to help their fanbase grow. Gaze splits her time between L.A. and Brighton, where she grew up. Although Electrelane is mostly touring Europe this summer, watch for them and catch them as soon as you can.

For more about Emma and Electrelane check out electrelane.com. –Sophia Hoffman

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