Out On Top

photo by Will Santillo
A Lesbian’s Life: Donna Mete

For Donna Mete, establishing A Lesbian’s Life was not so much a business venture as it was a spiritual conversion. There was no need, materially, for Mete’s career change; as a conference and tradeshow owner, she was wealthy enough to be the member of a yacht club. But she was troubled as a woman and a lesbian by what she observed in popular culture.

“We still only see a fraction of who really makes up this enormously varied lesbian community,” Mete says. “I became tired of feeling alone in my experience as a woman and as a lesbian.”

So Mete made her life A Lesbian’s Life, a media portal that begins as an Internet community for lesbians and will eventually grow into a television show, a social meeting place and published books. Mete uses a blend of spirituality, psychological guidance, and professional advice to communicate with her audience of women. The website calls for interviews with lesbians who wish to participate in the filming of a television show—Mete will pitch the show to cable networks—a certified therapist provides essays on dealing with breakups and myths about lesbian physicality. A discussion board provides a forum for lesbians who want to touch base with each other.

“Most of the world believes we lack money, beauty, interest or sophistication,” Mete says. “Sometimes I feel like we are just a yawn away from extinction. But in the end, it is because we have very little visible presence in the world. A Lesbians’ Life is trying to change this in several different ways and obviously the first is in becoming visible, having a voice and being out and in the world where we belong.”

If all goes as planned, Mete may soon be the lesbian answer to Dr. Phil, albeit a more attractive and all-inclusive version—which is just fine with us.

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