Pooches & Pussies of the Year


AGE: 11 months



BIRTHPLACE: Dumpster, Long Island

RESIDENCE: Holbrook, NY (somewhat better than the dumpster)

OCCUPATION: Gymnast/bird watcher/stunt double

FAVORITE TOY: "My tunnel and any limbs on my mommies that move."

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: "Stretching out, taking over the dogs bed, eating, taking walks with the dog and my mommies."

FAVORITE FOOD: "Pretty much anything that fits in my mouth (I eat more than the dog)."

PET PEEVE: "I hate cluttered night stands so I do what ever I can to 'clean' them off. I also hate most dogs, they are just such pedestrian creatures"

LEAST FAVORITE PHRASE: No! No, get down! No, dont eat that! No, that hurts; Im bleeding!

Melissa, 25, is a law student, and Allison, 29, is a child care provider.

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