Street Talkers: Election '08

Name: Lisa
Age: 41
Residence: Spanish Harlem
Occupation: Artist/Graphic designer

Your Vote: I am currently not sure who I will vote for. I lived in Florida during the whole Gore/Bush voting episode and was one of those people who left the voting booth unsure who I had really voted for, and since have lost motivation to follow the current candidates. While I know it is important, they do not have my full attention; as time gets closer I will be more apt to pay attention to the particulars that will affect my decision, however I am leaning towards the Democratic ticket.
Do gay issues affect your choice? Gay issues are very important to me, but not a determining factor. I believe there are many more significant issues that need to be addressed first, which aid the welfare of the people as a whole in our country. I need to be confident that who I choose will not only be able to maintain their word but execute it.