The Whole 9 Yards: Year in Review

photo by Wikimedia
27. BEDBUGS!!!

OMG, eww! If you’re like us, you’ve skirted a wide berth around any mattresses lying on the sidewalk awaiting trash pickup. New York erupted into an all-out panic over bedbugs, those hard-to-see, harder-to-get-rid-of insects that infested large swaths of the five boroughs and beyond. Terror-filled accounts of bedbugs infiltrating the Empire State Building, a Times Square movie theater, the Hollister store in SoHo and other high-traffic areas dominated the headlines last year. The only upside: cute bedbug-detecting beagles will come to your apartment if you’re forced to call an exterminator. Even so, we’re zipping ourselves into a plastic cocoon and hoping for the best. Just let us know when it’s safe to come out.

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