The Dinah 2015

Women at the Helm

photo by In the Life Media
Executive Director, In The Life Media

Michelle Kristel, executive director of In The Life Media, came to nonprofits after a brief post-college stint as a social worker, followed by more than a decade in finance. Despite her accomplishments on Wall Street, Kristel says she wanted to work on something that would make a difference. “I was drawn to In The Life Media,” says Kristel, “because I believe that by using the power of the media we can advance social justice for LGBT people.” In The Life Media produces the eponymous award-winning public television documentary series which focuses on LGBT experiences. “It’s essential that opponents of our civil rights not control the media images of our communities,” con- tends Kristel. “With a national network of producers, an extensive archive containing over 5,000 hours of LGBT movement history and a talented staff of media professionals,” she continues, “In The Life Media is uniquely situated as the media production company for the movement.”

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