Women at the Helm

photo by Elisabeth Caren
Founder & Executive Director, POWER UP

Stacy Codikow left a successful career as a feature film producer and screenwriter to found POWER UP, the Professional Organization of Women in Entertainment Reaching Up. "I had been producing films since I was 22 years old and had yet to make a picture I was proud of (there are none that I was embarrassed of, just not proud) until I started POWER UP,” says Codikow. “We have made 14 films that touch the lives of people and that makes me really proud.” Codikow also executive produced each of those 14 films, including the popular D.E.B.S. and Itty Bitty Titty Committee. When she’s not busy at POWER UP, Stacey takes time out to act as a mentor to some of the brightest gay women in the business. Codikow says, "POWER UP is made up of the who's-who of gay Hollywood and an enthusiastic group of youngsters full of spirit, and that's what makes it work."

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