Women at the Helm

photo by Jennifer Einhorn
Executive Director, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Social Justice

Katherine Acey became the executive director of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice in 1987, after serv- ing on its board for four years. Of Astraea, which provides advocacy and financial support for LGBT organizations throughout the U.S. and internationally, Acey says, “We’re a kind of a feminist, social justice hub that connects grantee and donor partners in a global network to achieve social, racial, economic and gen- der justice.” Acey grew up in a working class Lebanese-American family. “I actu- ally considered becoming a nun in order to make a difference.,” says the Catholic school graduate. “Instead, I moved to NewYork City, came out as a lesbian, and dedicated my life to activism and work in nonprofits.” Her longtime involvement with feminist and LGBT issues led her to work in various capacities with organiza- tions such as the Human Rights Watch LGBT Program Advisory Committee, the Center for Anti-Violence Education and the Steering Committee of the Global Philanthropy Project: Expanding Resources for LGBT People.

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