Women at the Helm

Executive Director, Quorum the Twin Cities LGBT and Allied Chamber of Commerce

Sam McClure, the executive director of Quorum, the TwinCities LGBT and Allied Chamber of Commerce, began there as a volunteer board member. Quorom supports LGBT economic development through classes, training, networking events and guidance to employers on creating inclusive workplaces. “I never really set out to work in nonprofits per se,” McClure says, “[but] I was attracted to creating change and making a difference. I was excited by the challenge of helping Quorum grow to be a great organization and that’s how I ended up being their Executive Director. It’s a very entrepreneurial job and that gets me excited to go to work everyday.” According to McClure, “Minnesota has many major employers in the Fortune 500 that score a perfect 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Equality Index. Our economy is not only strong but it’s also inclusive and we’re working hard to make sure that companies have everything they need to maintain those perfect scores."