Workin' It

Shannon Wentworth
CEO and founder, Sweet

With her decade-long experience in LGBT tourism, social justice and “green”-oriented marketing, CEO and founder Shannon Wentworth has created Sweet, the lesbian community’s newest answer to travel, charity and becoming eco-friendly. Says Wentworth, “Sweet aims to blend charitable activities with fun.” As co-founder of her first entrepreneurial venture, her ambition is to “create a profitable, socially responsible, eco-friendly company that enriches and empowers the lesbian community as well as inspires others to follow suit.”

Since its inception early this year, Wentworth has been true to her word, organizing teams for the San Francisco AIDS Walks, the AIDS Lifecycle and a breast cancer awareness triathlon. On the travel front, Wentworth has arranged lesbian-exclusive trips to re-plant the wetlands destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, clean up beaches, work with wildlife habitats and improve underprivileged schools. Here, Wentworth’s motivation is twofold: to “preserve an area’s natural beauty, while at the same time, help the communities we visit learn more about lesbians.” And for Shannon Wentworth, her job couldn’t be Sweeter! —ML