Workin' It

Janessa Clark
Owner, Kilterbox

Professional dancer, choreographer and Pilates Instructor Janessa Clark moved to New York in 2001 to start her own all women dance company, Kilterbox. The company focuses on incorporating societal and political issues, and providing a platform for sexual and gender equality. Her current project (inner)views I-VII uses mixed media of dance, film and theater to give insight into the LGBT community "My passion is dance, and my commitment is to the communities I belong to," says Clark. "I couldn't be happier; I am an out lesbian living, thriving, creating art and making a positive change."

Clark performs for several other companies in addition to her own, and works with choreographer Gina Gibney in facilitating movement and empowerment workshops for domestic violence survivors and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. She teaches Pilates at several NYC studios and privately in the tri-state area. In addition, Clark works as the Theater Program-mer at Dance New Amsterdam bringing international dance companies to Lower Manhattan venues. óDP