Workin' It

Rachael Sage
Founder, MPress Records

Rachael Sage’s entrepreneurship began early—with her mail-order barrette business in the seventh grade. She had also written and recorded her own songs since age 12, and eventually combined her business acumen with the creative impulse to found MPress Records.

In addition to Sage’s own prolific output, MPress has released the New Arrivals series of compilation albums, with proceeds going to a different charity each year. “Since we started doing [the series], my sense of purpose is much clearer: to use music help make the world a more positive place, as much as to entertain,” she says. This year’s New Arrivals III will benefit the National Eating Disorders Association, which deals with a subject close to Sage’s heart. “I have seen eating disorders ravage a number of friends and devastate their loved ones, destroying potential and in worst cases, taking lives,” she relates. “We hope this project will cast some light on the important advocacy work they’re doing, and just get people talking!” —KL