Workin' It

photo by Danette Carrion
Native New Yorker Judy Kow has spearheaded several retail businesses in her 20 years as a self-made entrepreneur. She began as a partner in a chain of Times Square gift shops, selling theater-related merch; she later bought Tarzian West Housewares in Park Slope, Brooklyn, an emporium of upscale home décor, kitchen gadgets and stylish gifts that opened in 1977. “Being the boss helps to make this a non-issue,” Kow says of being an out lesbian entrepreneur. “Your customers won't really care as long as you're providing the goods and services they need.” She credits her flourishing business to stocking the latest in housewares—a must for attracting trend-savvy Slope shoppers. “Carrying quality products, [offering] friendly service and staying abreast of food trends, which help to determine the tools necessary to prepare them,” are Kow’s keys to success. “We also try to stock a variety of good, better and best products to serve everyone's needs.”
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