Workin' It

Thanks to Jess Eddy, foodies searching for their favorite mobile grub truck need to look no further. With business partner Joel Potischman, this tech whiz co-founded (, a free app for food vendors and eaters alike that tracks food trucks across the city, making our search for locally-sourced froyo and Korean tacos that much simpler. Though was built while Eddy and Potischman were still working full-time jobs, Eddy soon heeded the call for independence. A user experience (UX) design consultant with a background in graphic design, Eddy builds Web desktop or mobile-based services for technology based start-ups. “I made the choice to run my own business because I wasn’t getting that much out of my full-time jobs and I was being approached by start-ups needing UX help,” she says of her jump from freelancing to consulting. “When there is clearly a need [for your skills], it’s easier to pull the trigger.”
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