Workin' It

Life partners who fell in love in their teens and reconnected as adults, caterers Samantha Aulick (left) and Alexa Lemley began experimenting with homemade vanilla marshmallows simply as a way to promote their business. But the treat caught on with their customers, and soon the two entrepreneurs founded 240Sweet to meet demand for their artisanal puffs. With Lemley as Executive Chef, 240Sweet ships 150 varieties of gourmet marshmallows from their headquarters in Columbus, IN to points across the globe. Their repetoire includes exotic flavors like Thai Chili, Salty Caramel and Bacon in addition to sweet favorites, which have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Daily Candy. “We knew we had something special,” Aulick says. “We surrounded ourselves with supportive people. Being out hasn’t always been easy, and we’ve faced our share of homophobia. Along the way, we’ve even converted some people to be more accepting.” Lemley and Aulick give back to their local community, too: 240Sweet is an environmentally conscious business, and their bags, labels and bows are all made in the United States. While Lemley mentors gay youth, 240Sweet makes a point of hiring people with disabilities and those who need second chances.
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