Workin It (part 1)

photo by Erin Sturga
Silke Reuthlinger
Owner, CafeVivid

It's still possible to be a long way from a LGBT scene, especially if you live in a rural area. In Colorado, it's Silke Reuthlinger's mission to connect the community. In 1997, Reuthlinger decided to teach herself web design, and needed a topic. ''I believed we needed a resource online to reach all of LGBT Colorado,'' she said. ''There are many ways to find out when you live in the city, but there are people in remote areas where there is no access to community publications. I wanted to create a resource for all vivid people.'' So Reuthlinger created CafeVivid, a LGBT events and community website which is still going strong. Reutlinger is also the founder of, which organizes all-woman outings to spots in Denver and Boulder. ''It is always a blast noticing the puzzled looks when the HipChicksOut group ‘takes over’ a most-of-the-time straight establishment, guerilla-style,” she said. – KW