Workin It (part 1)

photo by Carlos Vera
Owner, Aesa Intl

Fury offers elite concierge services through her company Aesa Intl. "Striking out on my own as an entrepreneur was a lot like coming out; a bit scary but immeasurably rewarding," she says. A native of Trinidad, Fury moved to New York City in 1989 where she worked in banking, while pursuing a modeling career which lasted 10 years. As a model, Fury traveled the world and had access to everything the nightlife scene had to offer. She says, I loved to go out, cause a scene dancing on the tables and kissing the girls. In 2001, she entered the corporate side of NYC nightlife, compiling a massive Rolodex and a knack for, in her words, "connecting the who's who with the what's hot." In 2005, she began Aesa Intl, offering her exclusive, personal services to a few clients at a time, "I provide access to the elusive circuits, venues and information to clients who may have the status and the means, but seldom the time or patience to handle the details. CB

Olivia Patti La Belle