Workin It (part 1)

photo by Maile Klein
Mariah Hanson
Owner, MT Productions, Inc.

Each year, thousands of lesbians head to the desert to one of Mariah Hanson’s parties. Hanson has been throwing parties since college. “I was an English lit major and took it seriously, but dang if I didn't have a knack for throwing great campus parties. They were scandalous and of course I broke every rule and got in lots of trouble!” she admits. In 1989, Hanson debuted Club Skirts as a Sunday night dance club for San Francisco/Bay Area women. Since then, Hanson has produced hundreds of events, a cruise, vacations, and The Monterey Women's Weekend. Her company, MT Productions, Inc. most notably produces The Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, which she first produced solo in 1991. “Each year, I approach the Dinah thinking, ‘How do I outdo last year and create the most exciting event imaginable for women, and then I do it',” Hanson said of her strategy for the world’s largest lesbian party. – KW

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