Workin It (part 1)

photo by Pete Blanco
Maggie C
Owner, Maggie C Events

Maggie Cs decision to throw parties catering exclusively to the lesbian community, with an emphasis on stellar performances and music, comes as no surprise. As Maggie explains, "I have two loves in this world - music and women. A professional actress and singer for two decades, Maggie drew on her talents to embrace and cultivate the art of entertaining. When she returned to New York from LA, Maggie realized a sexy sophistication and approachability among Manhattan women, and she wanted to develop more opportunities that catered to the cosmopolitan New York lesbian. Her company, Maggie C Events, produces two weekly events for women; Eden at Country Club and Stiletto at the Maritime Hotel Cabanas. Additionally, she produces various one-off charity and corporate events within the LGBT community. This September, Maggie will launch her website, which will offer both an online community and merchandise to further the celebration of the urban, proud and successful lesbian woman! KD