Workin' It (Part 2)

photo by Images by Kay
Misti D. Graham
President of MDG Marketing Group

As consumers, gays and lesbians tend to be brand-loyal, educated, and have more disposable income (at least some of us!) than the average American. So we’ve become a coveted consumer demographic. When a company wants to reach this market, they often turn to Misti D. Graham. President of MDG Marketing Group, Graham saw the power behind the $712 billion gay and lesbian consumer market segment, and founded a company whose mission is to “educate her clients on such topics as gay and lesbian buying power, economic influence, lifestyle interests and travel habits, in a way that reflects compassion, caring and consideration for their diversity.” Graham, a Phoenix-based out lesbian says, “we not only ‘talk the talk’ but we definitely ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to knowing the LGBT market and their habits, trends and choices.”