Workin' It (Part 2)

photo by Phil Collum
Talonya Geary
Co-Owner/Executive Director, FlawLes

An established DJ, music producer and entrepreneur, Talonya Geary always knew that entertainment was an integral part of the lesbian community. Questioning the current standards and visibility available to the lesbian community, her decision to introduce the FlawLes brand into the world of event production and promotions is no surprise. With sophistication and forward-thinking design, Geary and co-owner, Wendy Ochoa, created a place for lesbians to connect, learn and grow into women unencumbered by society’s expectations and to be able to thrive and live their lives to the fullest. Geary says that even on hard days she remembers that, “Every day is another opportunity to remind people to live a life with absolute purpose, while I remind myself along the way.” One of San Diego’s most successful lesbian ventures, FlawLes has expanded its brand to include the website, the quarterly FlawLes Magazine, FlawLes TV (an online television show) and continues to grow event promotions all around the world.

Free Life Campaign 10/27