Chicks With Picks
by Juliet Macey
August 1, 2007
MARISA ANDERSON (marisaanderson.org)
Her moody folk/country guitar tunes give emo fans something to smile about.

ARIELLE (ariellemusic.com)
She soared from the Berklee College of Music into the NYC club scene, and after acclaimed shows at hotspots like Mo Pitkins, she plans on releasing an EP some time in the near future.

NAMOLI BRENNET (namolibrennet.com)
The MTF folk-pop singer/songwriter, described as "the female Tom Waits," reaches audiences by tapping into her experience as a trans-person.
ASHLEIGH FLYNN (ashleighflynn.net)
This Kentucky-born songstress churns out smoky, bluegrass-infused pop.

JEN FOSTER (jenfoster.com)
The title track of her critically acclaimed lyrical pop album The Underdogs won "OutSong of the Year" at the 2006 Outmusic Awards.

TRET FURE (tretfure.com)
Her smoky voice delivers smart, melodic folk music with a message.

ANNE HEATON (anneheaton.com)
Classically trained in piano and Gospel, this NYC-based bisexual musician is on her way to becoming the next big lesbian-adored pop diva. Think Jewel with a piano.

HEIDI HENSLEY (heidihensley.com)
She and her band produce pop songs inspired by the difficulties of discovering oneself in the deeply religious South.

MARI LEVI (marilevi.com)
The multi-talented "Smart Pop" musician wrote the popular "The Homo Song," but she's no one-hit wonder.

MAHOGANY (mahoganylive.com)
She's a street-smart rapper and acoustic guitarist whose songs pay plenty of homage to lesbian love and lust.

MICHELLE MALONE (michellemalone.com)
The self-described "Chatahootchie Guitar Queen" blends country and blues in her songs.

MYSHKIN'S RUBY WARBLERS (myshkinsrubywarblers.com)
Politically pumped lyrics perfect this trio's dark, moody, folk-jazz style. Be sure to give a listen to the rousing "Apricot Tree."

JERYL ORSINO (jerylmusic.com)
The People's Choice: Her fans brought this alternative power-pop vocalist from NJ to our attention.

This Brooklyn songwriter's hilarious satirical hit "Give Me My Space" is so on our "Top 8."

Crowds were delighted at Girls in Wonderland this spring when this multi-instrumentalist showcased the musical diversity of her new album, Between Ground and Sky.
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