Ellie Conant - New Yorker
December 18, 2010
Recent Jobs:
Nanny for 2 families in BK Heights by day
Latte Art Teacher/consultant, just taught the Outpost Lounge staff
0pening manager for Cafe Angelique (lesbian lemonade),
88 Orchard in the LES
Facepainter at kid's birthday parties
Used to work as an elf to make ends meet in the winter
Concierge at Blue Man Group
Dish duster at Fishs Eddy
Light modeling, a "part-time model" perhaps?  
Party producer/promoter

Playing pool
Marinating meat overnight, searing it to "lock in the juices" the following day
Wearing Creed cologne
Photoshoots with Leslie Van Stelten
Drinking anything with purple flavor
Following the Daisy Spurs wherever they go
Perusing 99 cent stores
Trying to catch myself snoring in the night
Red lightbulbs (sex lighting) in my bedroom
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Spelling bees
Perfecting the poached egg
Watching Bitchin' Kitchen on the Cooking Channel
Not quitting smoking but thinking about it everytime
I light up
Not becoming a vegetarian
Trying to not go straight for Drew Brees
Talking like Paula Deen to make my girlfriend laugh
Did I mention rollerblading?

Days include going to:
Playdate Gatherings
Bronx, Central Park, Brooklyn Zoo
American Museum of Natural History
Childrens Art Museum
BK Heights library
Pier 6
Listening to my charge whine when we pass the
Ice cream truck
Crumbs Bakery
Trader Joes
Dumbo playground

Activities daily (nanny)
Swinging on swings
Building LEGO castles
Making a train track
Painting, coloring, stickering, glittering, pasting, play-doughing, stamping
Eating ice cream
Rollerblading, scooting, swimming, dancing, singing

Activities with girlfriend:
Staying in a fancy NYC hotel for one night to feel like we're on vacation
Jets game watching
Dancing at lez parties (Blow Up, Creme de la Femme,
Choice Cu*ts, Snapshot, Hey Queen)
Creating fusion-y meals, Italian-Korean, Indian-Greek, Japanese-Turkish
Playing pool
Drinking good wine (she's from Sonoma)
Baking dutch babies pancakes for breakfast
Enjoying "deep-lez" moments (holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes, watching When Night is Falling, listening to Tegan and Sara, etc)

Favorite NY Stuff/places:
Hair salon:  Glamour Garage
Websites:  lastnightstexts.com, passiveaggressivenotes.com, engrish.com, stuffwhitepeoplelike.com
Shows:  Lockup Raw, Trauma Life in the ER
Shoes:  David Z
Gear:  55DSL, Ben Sherman, Cheap Jacks, Rags-a-GoGo, G-Star if I worked overtime
Coffee:  Atlas, Joe Art of Coffee, Outpost
Bar:  Metropolitan, Mulhollands (only for the Jets...and Saints)
Romantic dinner:  Steak Frites, Bozu, Dok Suni
Fun dinner:  Tortilla Flats (bingo on Mon/Tues, hula hoop contest Wed)
Fave magazine:  GO, of course!  :-)
Secret hideaway/BEST cocktails in NYC:  PDT (Please Don't Tell speakeasy inside Crifdog)
Decor for my home:  Pearl River
Vacation spot:  Myrtle Beach! (Hang at Time Out Bar)
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