100 Women We Love: Holliwood
by Kat Long, Jacqueline Frances and Andrew Collins
June 14, 2013

Shaunna Spivey Spinner always stood out from the rest, especially as a youngster in Syracuse, New York, growing up in a very traditional community and family. Nicknamed “Holliwood” by her fellow junior-high basketballers, she decided to turn adversity, struggle and pain into something positive. And so, she made herself a canvas—quite literally—and began documenting her life on her own body. Her tattooed artwork soon began to draw attention and admiration among many in the industry, eventually leading to modeling. Her edgy androgyny helped cultivate a rare versatility and adaptability in the eyes of the public and the fashion world. And in a society filled with what she describes as “stereotypes, boundaries and limitations,” Holliwood strives to be that much-needed nuance in the modeling world and beyond. “The most important message I would want to send the LGBT community is that your sexuality and appearance does not affect your success in any way, shape or form,” she says. “Success is designed by who you are—not what you are.” –NHM

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