100 Women We Love: Robin Cloud
by Kat Long, Jacqueline Frances and Andrew Collins
June 14, 2013

Comedian Robin Cloud is a self-described “African-American who can ski.” Although Cloud does not go on to list a slew of medals in slalom and moguls, she is certainly a funny force on the interweb with her recently published web series, Driving While Black. Falling in love with performance art after being exposed to the oeuvre of Richard Pryor at the tenderly impressionable age of nine, Cloud has taken the LGBT community by storm with her appearances at the Women in Comedy, Ohio Lesbian, Fresh Fruit, Emerging Artists, and Hot! Festivals. Not only is she politically savvy, smart and amusing, but she is also a totally well-dressed megababe who can answer all your life’s conundrums in her advice column on dapperQ.com. Cloud claims her biggest role is inspiring college students as part of the Contemporary Issues Agency. “Every time I go out and share my story [at colleges], I know that I am doing good work by being an example to the younger LGBTQ generation. Nothing feels better than a kid coming up to you after and asking for a hug and thanking me for being out and proud. It gives me hope every time.” -JF

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