100 Women We Love: Zel Anders
by Kat Long, Jacqueline Frances and Andrew Collins
June 14, 2013

As a tall, masculine-of-center lesbian, Zel Anders is all too familiar with butch fashion woes: less-than-flattering cuts, a lack of options, and shoe-size sadness. “I always had a hard time finding my way in clothing, whether it was dealing with ill-fitting, off-the-rack items, or having to convince a tailor to work with my cut and style interests,” she laments. Fortunately, Anders is the proactive type. In February, she opened the doors to Tomboy Tailors, a gender-queer clothing boutique in San Francisco where butches, bois, trans-masculine individuals, and anyone with a flare for fashion can design and be measured for a suit in the cut and fit that they want—shoes too! Through Traveling Tomboy, the company is doing trunk shows and fittings throughout the country. What’s Anders’ favorite perk of owning a successful business? “Tomboy Tailors is able to openly donate to causes that are important to our community,” she says. “Like the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Openhouse, which provides housing services for LGBT Seniors; Horizons Foundation, and Frameline 37, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.” It seems Anders’s company is well above the fray. –QW

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