Music: Sia - Some People Have Real Problems
by Heidi Vanderlee
October 10, 2010
Sia - Some People Have Real Problems

You've heard her dreamlike, crooning voice on Six Feet Under and as a part of the Garden State soundtrack darlings Zero 7, but the Australian Sia Furler, known simply as Sia, is finally claiming her own place in the sun with her third full-length album, Some People Have Real Problems. Having recently admitted to having a girlfriend, there's little Sia can do to not catch our eyes and ears with her new record. Its mainstay, of course,  is the essence of soul dripping from her voice, which would be more than enough for a movie soundtrack but falls a little short here. A kickass Kinks cover, "I Go To Sleep" (the Pretenders also made big on this one), does wonders to liven up a gorgeous but stagnant spread of albeit lovely background music, and a duet with Beck, "Academia", circles playfully around lively guitar loops. "Electric Bird" smacks of Nellie McKay, a crisp assault backed with piano and brass, but standout tracks like this get lost in the crowd. She may need a little more time to stand on her own as a songwriter, but Sia's recent candor about her relationships may signal the beginning of a true self-exploration ... and we can't wait to hear the result.

Check out the video for "Buttons" and tell me girl doesn't have a lot going on up there.

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