the narrow and colorful interior at MaxFish
Good times on the Lower East Side?!
posted by Becca Love on January 24, 2007
Things to be avoided at all costs:
1.Poison oak
2.Rush hour on the 4 train
3.Seafood from the Midwest
4.The bar scene on the Lower East Side.
The above statements were all firmly held beliefs of mine until a couple nights ago. Already dressed and ready for the White Party at Snapshot, I received a text message from a friend:  Birthday Party @9 at MaxFish 178 Ludlow. Ludlow? Ew. No. I had spent enough time at the Dark Room to get an idea as to what the crowd was going to be like. Bridge and tunnel, fake ids, upper west side Lindsay Lohan look-alikes.
Of course, however, we all know the rule: a birthday party is a non-option. A required, if you will. So without even taking the time to change out of my wife-beater and gold hot pants, I was on way to MaxFish.
I was clearly skeptical as I entered the long and narrow bar with blaring music and very little seating. There was no room for dancing and a pool table in the back was being dominated by three large dudes. Not to be thrown, however, I marched my hotpants self up to the bar, boldly ordered an extra sweet Manhattan and 2 pbrs and before I knew it, the entire birthday party had edged out the pool sharks with our Stevie Nicks twirls and overly aggressive birthday hugs. By the end of the night, we had made friends with all of the dogs (no, *actual* dogs) roaming the space and we were taking kamikaze shots like we were members of Beta Kappa.
I’m not going to make some sappy conclusion about how I was wrong to judge the lower east side and how I actually met some really fantastic people with whom I now have a standing Sunday brunch date. Rather, MaxFish did prove to me that I can have plenty of fun if a place can offer the following elements:
1.A bangin jukebox
2.Cheap drinks
3.Friendly bartenders
4.A booth full of my friends
5.A train really close by
On all the above accounts, MaxFish succeeded on Tuesday night. I think I might just leave my party dress at home next time...


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