New band, new EP, old friend. Bitch plays Bowery.
posted by Becca Love on February 20, 2008
A surprisingly satisfying musical combination came together this past Saturday night at The Bowery Ballroom. Having just seen Shortbus, I was curious to see how the pretty-faced Jay Brannan and the appropriately righteous Bitch would make music together. His personality seemed too giggly, her fan base too dykey for this match to find harmony or even a pleasant dissonance. It had been almost one year exactly since I had seen Bitch perform solo at a tiny show in Massachusetts and I had yet to hear the reorganized, Daniela Sea free Bitch and the Exciting Conlcusion, now operating as B+tec.
Of course, the constant skeptic is constantly being pleasantly surprised.
Not only did the new B+tec formation of Gabriel Kubitz on Bass and Lee Frisari on drums completely pump the house with a harder edge than before, the music also blended seamlessly into Jay’s headlining set. While Jay’s songs focused on broken hearts, young love and acoustic drum stylings, B+tec’s hard rock violin and banjo pulsed songs of politics, mature love aches, and, of course, sex. Despite a new band, tons of new songs, projects, and an even more emphatic political point she’s still the same old Bitch after all. And that’s why we love her.

 Be sure to check out and to keep abreast of when you can order her new EP that just dropped on the 15th  of February.


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