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The scheming Aphrodite gets pampered
The Judgement of Paris is Decadent and Dark
posted by Becca Love on May 21, 2008
In an art world saturated with Post-Modernism and memoir, the beautiful depiction of a classic story is a refreshing departure.
Performed on the scaffolding-lined stage beyond the glass façade of the theater at 303 Bond Street, The Judgement of Paris weaves the ancient tale of Helen of Troy into a darkly decadent setting of “French Can-Can girls, Greek tragedy, golden apples, baroque pageantry, courtesans, goddesses, circus freaks, blonde bombshells, [and] Spartan warriors.” Choreographed and directed by Company XIV’s founder, Austin McCormick, The Judgement of Paris is a stunning piece of theater that presents a distinctly modern take on traditional Baroque movement. It is more than just a dance performance or a ballet. The six performers of The Judgement of Paris are completely captivating as they depict, through music, lighting, dance and monologue, the rise and fall of the love affair of Prince Paris of Sparta and the married Helen of Troy. Over the course of 90 minutes, the audience is lulled and shocked and made uneasy as the six on stage slowly unravel the fates of our Paris and our Helen.
According to their mission statement, Company XIV is a Brooklyn-based mixed media dance/theater company that seeks to present "unique historical and cultural dance perspectives through the exploration various artistic partnerships." This all results in a successful hashing together of gorgeous frivolity and heavy themes.
Though The Judgement of Paris will be closing at the end of May, the company has several projects in progress. The Judgement of Paris is playing Friday, 5/23, Saturday 5/24, Friday 5/30, and Saturday 5/31 at 8pm at 303 Bond St in Brooklyn. Each performance is $20 for adults, $15 for students.
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