Friday Night At A New Spot ended up at a Classic New York Lesbian Standby
by naNYC
September 22, 2008

Showstopper a once a month party at the trendy space BLVD in the Pink room is a good concept, but just doesn't draw the crowd needed for a good dance party. $10 cover was a waste, as the drinks inside were the same price. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying ten for a drink, especially when they were well mixed and strong, but there just wasn't enough people to get anyone excited, single or not. The crowd that goes there definitely has more fashion sense and looks better. Music was good, then started to wander into weird techno zone. When is the last time someone danced to house music? Save me. The space is awesome though, as it is usually a straight club. Chic, modern and clean, definitely a club and not a bar. Lounge area all had reserved seating, wtf? Damn straight it can't be everyone's birthday. It seems like that would be the only reason to go too. I went here a year ago, hoping that the crowd would pick up but it just seems that everyone has migrated elsewhere.

And on that note to not make the night a bust, we too migrated to a New York staple to sweat out our alcohol. Kind of disappointed since I love a nice chic trendy atmosphere, but Showstopper is definitely not where it is at. It was so empty that nobody but my friends noticed I drunkenly slid to 3rd base on the vinyl flooring down the walkway. That may have been the highlight there.

Over the bridge to Cattyshack ! it never disappoints tho. We got there, the music was current, The upstairs was chill. Catty always has a good mix of people all all different LGBT communities.  Downstairs is Hip Hop, upstairs is 80's.  We enjoyed the rest of the night there with some good dancing to take us into the wee hours of Saturday morning. 
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