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When: Friday September 19, 2014
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Where: Chances Bar
1100 Westheimer
Houston, TX
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Chances is where it all started and where its at! Its a place where you can just hang out with the girls and experience the best live music and entertainment. It has the unique ability to go from a lounge bar to a live music or dance venue with a flick of a switch. We are sure you heard about our fire last year, but we are back now and better than ever with a totally rennovated bar, new plasma HDTVs, a top of the line sound and lighting system, and even new pool tables. If our expanded import beer and wine selections don't impress you, our new drink specials will! Chances' G-Spot If you can't find it, you can't come! Chances' G-spot is the only real dance club for women in Houston with the freshest music, hottest dancers, and fasted bottle-slingin babess in the South. There's no better place to bump and grind with your girl on the dance floor!

Venue Information
Address: Chances Bar
1100 Westheimer
Houston, TX
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