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When: Wednesday December 31, 1969
Where: The Brass Rail
3796 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
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Cover: $10
WILDFIRE Winter White Party! Ladies, we've got a lot of changes coming your way in 2013! We came to visit in December, gathered lots of feedback from you, and we're looking forward to YEAR FIVE in San Diego! NEW MANAGEMENT: Joyce from Hot Flash Headquarters will be managing Hot Flash Wildfire in San Diego. She'll be greeting everyone at the front door and continuing to gather feedback. NEW DJ: Welcome LADY JANE DJ to San Diego! Lady Jane has been with Hot Flash as our Seattle DJ for the past two years. She knows what we want to hear and she always delivers the best. REDUCED ADMISSION FROM 6:00-7:15p: Come in for $8 and stay for the entire evening. At 7:15p, we begin charging our regular $10 admission. Let's deck out 2013s first party w

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Venue Information
Address: The Brass Rail
3796 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92103
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