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When: Wednesday December 31, 1969
Where: The W Hotel- the Living Room
200 Lavaca Street
Austin, TX 78701
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Few up-and-coming artists can boast over 650,000 YouTube views and a day officially dedicated to them. But Danny Malone can. His video for �Baby Bleu� is a YouTube sensation, he was named Top 10 Artist to Watch by Austin Monthly, and the mayor of Austin, TX declared August 24th, 2010 to be Official Danny Malone Day. Unwilling to commit to genre, Malone seamlessly crosses lines between folk, indie, electro, even hip-hop, a mash-up of �pop and lock with ballet set to 4 track instrumental indie post rock.� (No Keys) �Malone never takes himself too seriously and has enough off-kilter edge to pull it off.� (Austin Chronicle) His unconventional approach to live shows, back-up dancers and all, compelled Rare Magazine to declare: �His show of expressive art grabbed each person in the room, stirring up an unrelenting sense of solidarity.� Malone�s second full-length CD, Balloons, is slated for a Spring/Summer 2013 release. The first single �Spiderlegs� is a romp through folk pop heaven.

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Address: The W Hotel- the Living Room
200 Lavaca Street
Austin, TX 78701
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