GO Magazine News (37)
Tracking Anna Aagenes’ Activism
A stand up woman, standing up for others
Eco-preneurs 2015
These out entrepreneurs embrace a greener business model.
Essential Eco Swag
Kermit said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” This less-polluting loot makes it easier!
The Very Best of NYC Special Events
LGBT Career Fair, Eulogy for a Dyke Bar, Black Lesbian DIY Fest and much more
Campaign for Houston Threatens HERO
Houston Equal Rights Ordinance
Rutgers Students Take a Pledge against Bullying
The Tyler Clementi Foundation Day 1 Campaign
The Kentucky Kerfuffle of Kim Davis
Thrice-divorced county clerk fights a losing battle against marriage equality
The Very Best of NYC Upcoming Events
Lez Zeppelin, The Emery Awards and much more
The Very Best of NYC Halloween
Nightmare Horror Show, Halloween Harvest Festival and the Village Halloween Parade!
The Very Best of NYC Dance
Black Girl: Linguistic Play, Zero One and lots more
The Very Best of NYC Comedy/Variety
Michele Balan, Golden Pastie Awards, 13th Annual New York Burlesque Festival and other exciting events!
The Very Best of NYC Theater
Ruthless! The Musical, Hamilton, The Flick, Chicago
The Very Best of Film/TV
53rd Annual New York Film Festival, NewFest, Freeheld and much more
The Very Best of NYC Art
America Is Hard to See, Zanele Muholi, Doris Salcedo and the LGBT Art Gallery Tour
The Very Best of NYC Music
CocoRosie, Brandi Carlile, Anne Steele and Ks Choice!
Advice: Financial Fitness
Personal finance tips from Ellen DeSarno.
Dope Sex with Meg Ten Eyck
A beginners guide to gendered role play
Mental Health Advice: Dr. Darcy Sterling
Ask a mental health professional the difficult questions
Legal Advice from Yetta G. Kurland
Answers to your LGBT-focused legal questions
The Gay-las: Fall Fundraisers
Break out your swankiest dress or your snazziest tux, and get ready to party for a great cause!
Out, Loud and Proud for Animals and the Environment
LGBT activism is changing our world for the better. Now it’s time to expand our circle of compassion.
Brandi Carlile: Red Hot and Green
The eco-conscious singer-songwriter turns up the heat with The Firewatcher’s Daughter.
Baby Steps
Athena Reich on becoming a single lesbian mom by choice.
Precious Pussy of the Month
And his magnificent mommies
The Scene
The hottest clubs, coolest bars, and everything in between!
Queer, Green and Fit in the Mile High
A guide to LGBT Denver, from an insider
The Cho Must Go On
Margaret Cho laments loss of comedy heroes, talks tour, bisexuality and this ‘f*cked up’ world
Ask the Expert! Find Answers to Your Relationship Questions!
Executive Matchmaker and Relationship Counselor, Carol-Sugar-Burke, offers expert love advice.
Deep Inside Hollywood
Mary Poppins 2, Oscillate Wildly, Cameron Esposito, Hart to Hart
NewFest 2015
The highly anticipated international film festival delivers accurate and meaningful onscreen portrayals of LGBT people
New York City to Host WorldPride 2019
Global LGBT Pride event coming to NYC to mark 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Uprising
Womens Event 18 Honorees Announced
The annual event celebrating LBT women to honor Janelle Monae and others
Emery Awards 2015
Fabulous annual event benefiting the Hetrick-Martin Institute is almost here and set to be better than ever
President Obama Endorses Equality Act
A spokesman for the President announced yesterday that he endorses this unprecedented and necessary legislation
Lesbian Noir and the Birth of a Novel
Author Jill Dearman, the new “Queen of Noir” writes about the evolution of her sexy new mystery novel: The Great Bravura.
Holiday Fever
Kylie Minogue on her hot Christmases, ‘loyal’ gay fans and the lucky fella she’ll be kissing under the mistletoe
The Authentic Life
Sarah Paulson on defying labels, pressure to be an LGBT activist and missing Jessica Lange
Olivia Patti La Belle