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Supreme Court Overturns Texas Abortion Restrictions

In a milestone victory for pro-choice advocates, the Supreme Court on Monday voted 5-3 to limit the power of Texas and other states to restrict or effectively shut down clinics that offer the procedure.

100 Women We Love

Here’s to this year's class of the women who inspire us, give us hope, make us laugh and make us want to get up and dance. 


Shavonte Zellous: Orlando Strong

The standout New York Liberty guard and Orlando native on coming out, grieving for Pulse, and living fearlessly.

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

The 25th annual HOT! Festival for LGBTQ arts in NYC continues Dixon Place’s legacy of supporting queer artists

National Park Vacays

Want to celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial, but have a paralyzing fear of the outdoors? Follow our tips and give these great wonders a chance. 

Going Green With Chef Angela Lowe

Vegan grill faves that will please crowds and leave even meat eaters salivating. 

Pet Tips With Dr. Meghan Kirsch

Safety and socializing tips for enjoying the dog park with your canine companion this summer

Legal Questions With Yetta Kurland, Attorney-At-Law
Advice on questions of using bathrooms consistent with gender identity
Ruby Christopher: Precious Pooch of the Month

Meet Ruby and her magnificent mommy!

Horoscopes: Summer 2016

Summertime celestial reasonings

Images of Grief and Love: America Responds to Orlando

GO's photo retrospective of those coming together to honor and grieve the Pulse victims and their loved ones.

Pentagon Ends Ban Against Transgender Troops

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that it will be ending the ban on transgender people serving openly in the U.S. military. 

Pentagon Lifts Ban on Transgender Troops

The Pentagon on Thursday said it will lift its ban on openly transgender servicemembers

Democratic Party 2016 Platform Is Most LGBT-Inclusive Ever

The Democratic Party released its 2016 platform, which includes key provisions to improve the quality of life for LGBT people

DOJ Asks Judge to Stop N.C. From Enforcing HB2

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief asking a federal judge to stop the enforcement of N.C.'s anti-LGBT bill, HB2

Trump Renews Support for Anti-LGBT HB2

Donald Trump backed North Carolina's harmful HB2 in a campaign appearance in the state

Canada's Anglican Church Embraces Same-Sex Marriage

The Anglican Church of Canada reversed its decision not to approve gay unions after questions arose over the integrity of the church's voting process. The Anglican Church will now allow same-sex marriage.

Butterscotch Melts the Mic

Multitalented beatbox champion and recently out, all-around musical wunderkind, Butterscotch, is breaking down barriers with her new EP and single, “Accept Who I Am,” which tackles issues of social justice, racism and identity—proving that “a woman’s place” is anywhere she wants to go. 

Protesting HB2, NBA Withdraws All-Star Game From Charlotte

The NBA on Thursday announced it will no longer hold its 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte, N.C., because of the state's notoriously anti-LGBT law.

Quiz: Where Does Your Party Stand?

The HRC presents a quiz to test your knowledge of how LGBT issues are addressed by Democratic and Republican 2016 party platforms.

FDA May Reconsider Blood Ban

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration may consider changing its unwarranted policy of only allowing gay men to donate blood if they've abstained from sex for at least one year.

Seattle City Council Poised to Ban So-Called "Gay Conversion Therapy"

The Seattle City Council will vote on banning the widely debunked and dangerous practice of so-called "gay conversion therapy." A subcommittee unanimously approved the ban on Tuesday.

Pulse Memorial Planned

OnePulse Foundation filed a document with the state of Florida that puts in writing a plan for a memorial to honor the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. 

The Feminist Mystique: Nancy Azara

GO talks to the spearhead feminist artist Nancy Azara about her thoughts on art, feminism and constructions of gender in the modern world. 

WHO May Finally Remove Being Transgender From List of Mental Disorders

After reviewing new studies, the World Health Organization is considering removing "transgender" from its list of so-called "mental disorders."

Albuquerque Public Schools Support Trans* Students

In response to the U.S. Department of Education’s historic guidance seeking to guarantee the equal treatment of transgender students in public and federally-funded schools, Albuquerque Public Schools are implementing a “Gender Support Plan” that allows transgender students to use restroom facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

Navy to Name Ship After Harvey Milk

The Navy plans to name a ship after LGBT equality pioneer and former Naval officer Harvey Milk.

Halt of HB2 Weighed By Federal Judge

A U.S. judge will hear arguments on Monday to stop North Carolina from enforcing its notorious anti-LGBT law, HB2. 

Logo Airs HRC Video Honoring Pulse Victims

Logo TV on Sunday aired a video, created by the Human Rights Campaign and produced by Ryan Murphy, that remembers those who lost their lives in the devastating shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub.

California Schools To Implement LGBT Curriculum

Education officials in California voted to include coursework centered on LGBT people and their struggles in schools' curriculum.

Hillary Clinton Introduces Blueprint for "AIDS-Free Generation"

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday detailed her comprehensive plan to end the global AIDS crisis if she becomes president. 

Federal Judge Refuses to Allow Mississippi to Enforce HB 1523 During Appeal

A federal judge in Mississippi blocked a request by the state's governor to allow the enforcement of an anti-LGBT while a judgment against law is being appealed. 

Supreme Court Puts Pro-Trans* Order on Hold

The Supreme Court decided to put on hold a lower court's order that a transgender student be allowed to use school restrooms consistent with his gender identity.

Olympian and WNBA Star Elena Delle Donne Comes Out

WNBA star and one of the athletes who will represent the U.S. in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, Eleca Delle Donne, recently announced that she is in a same-sex relationship.

Pulse Massacre Inspires Florida GOP Officials to Back LGBT Protections

Nearly two dozen Central Florida Republican officials signed a resolution calling for laws banning discrimination against the LGBT community.

Police Raid Uganda Transgender Pride Pageant

Uganda police on Thursday raided a peaceful pride parade in the country's capital, Kampala.

On His Birthday, President Obama Gives Gift to Women in Feminist Op-Ed

On Aug 4, Barack Obama's birthday, the president gave women in this country a gift by writing a pro-feminist op-ed in the women's magazine Glamour.

Nike Releases Ad Featuring Transgender Athlete Chris Mosier

Nike released a boundary-breaking ad featuring transgender duoathlete Chris Mosier, who earned a spot on the Team USA sprint duathlon for the 2016 men's World Championships. The ad will run during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. 

Anti-LGBT Activist Leads Fight to Roll Back Trans* Protections in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, former Republican committeewoman Chanel Prunier is joining an anti-LGBT group calling itself Keep MA Safe to rail against new legal protections for transgender residents in the state.

Poll: Young Americans Overwhelmingly Support LGBT Equality

A July 2016 GenForward poll found that Americans in the 18-30 age group largely advocate for the univeral rights of LGBT people.

Mets to Host First LGBT Pride Night

On Saturday, Aug 13, the New York Mets will host its first-ever LGBT-themed Pride Night, donating a portion of ticket sales to anti-bullying programs in local schools.

Lesbian Love Steals Show at Rio Games

Brazilian rugby sevens player Isadora Cerullo accepted a romantic marriage proposal from her girlfriend, Marjorie Enya, in front of Isadora's team (and the world!) at the Rio Olympics. 

Poll: Most N.C. Residents Oppse HB2

A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that a majority of North Carolinians oppose the discrimatory anti-LGBT law, HB2, feeling it damages the state's reputation and ecomony. Respondents also said they were less likely to vote to reelect Gov. Pat McCrory because of his stubborn support of the draconian legislation.

LGBT Advocate Warns Against Popular Vote on Australian Marriage Equality

LGBT equality advocate and former judge Michael Kirby urged the Australian Parliament not to proceed with a referendum that would put marriage equality in the nation to a popular vote. He worries the results of such action could "set back the cause of marriage equality for decades."

LGBT Advocates From Arab World to Convene in DE

The Washington Blade reports that LGBT equality advocates from nine Middle Eastern countries will attend a first-of-its-kind meeting in Rehoboth Beach, Del., to discuss pressing issues of LGBT human rights in the Arab world. 

New CDC Data Reveals "Heartbreaking" Levels of Violence Faced by LGBT Teens

New national data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that LGBT teens are far more likely to experience violence and bullying—and attempt suicide—than their straight peers.

Transgender Woman Found Dead in El Paso

Erykah Tijerina, a transgender woman, was found dead in her El Paso, Texas, apartment last week. Police say "there were obvious signs of foul play."

Georgia Prez Says No to Anti-LGBT Referendum

Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili has rejected an anti-LGBTQ organization’s proposal to hold a referendum on defining a marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Anti-Gay Mississippi Marriage Law Remains Blocked While Appeal Considered

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has denied Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant’s request to allow the anti-LGBT HB1523 law to go into effect while the state appeals a lower court’s ruling that the law is unconstitutional. Bryant’s request to expedite the appeal was also rejected.

Iowa Board of Psychology Rejects Bid to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

On Friday, the Iowa Board of Psychology voted to reject a petition calling for banning therapists and licensed counselors in the state from practicing so-called “conversion therapy,” which preys on vulnerable LGBT people and families by making dangerous and discredited claims that it can change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. The board says it will explain its vote when it releases its full decision later this year.

U.S. State Dept. Slams Anti-Gay Statements Made By Indonesian Officials

The U.S. State Department has strongly condemned anti-LGBT statements made by Indonesian officials, saying the nation must “uphold international rights and standards by ensuring equal rights and protections for all of its citizens.”

Proposed Regulation Grants Vital Protections for Transgender People in Federal Facilities

This week, a new regulation is being submitted to the Federal Register ensuring that transgender people can access restrooms consistent with their gender identity in thousands of federal offices, buildings and facilities under the jurisdiction of the U.S. General Services Administration.

Milllenials Overwhelmingly Support Transgender Equality

A USA Today and Rock the Vote survey shows that by a 2-1 margin millennials believe transgender people should be allowed to use public restroom facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

International Olympic Committee Takes Gradual Steps to Support LGBT Community

After harsh criticism for choosing Russia as a host country for the 2014 Olympics despite its draconian and discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) adopted policy changes to protect the LGBT community in future games.

House Approves National Defense Authorization Act Embedded With Discriminatory Anti-LGBT Provision

In a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, a coalition of major tech companies are calling for removal of a discriminatory anti-LGBT provision embedded in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Wyoming Supreme Court Weighs Arguments on Same-Sex Marriage

After hearing arguments yesterday, the Wyoming Supreme Court is poised to rule in an ethics case involving a judge who refuses to preside over same-sex marriages, citing her religious beliefs. The Wyoming Commission of Judicial Conduct and Ethics has recommended that Judge Ruth Neely be removed for violating the state code of judicial conduct.

Olympic Swim Star First Italian Athlete to Come Out

At this year’s Olympics, Italian swimmer Rachele Bruni is being hailed as the first Italian athlete to publicly come out. She dedicated her medal to her family, coach and girlfriend.

DapperQ is Queering NYFW

Last night dapperQ kicked off NYFW with their third annual queer fashion show hosted at the Brooklyn Museum. Everyone who is anyone in the queer fashion scene was there and dressed to impress.

Women's Week Hits Ptown With Mary Lambert and Our Lady J

Provincetown, Mass.'s 32nd Annual Women's Week delivers a jam-packed calendar of celesbian performances, a True Colors benefit concert, sports, nightlife and all stripes of queer fun this Oct 7-16.

An Epic Event, For and Inspired By Our Incredible Community

GO Magazine's 2016 Readers' Choice Nightlife Awards recap

GO Magazine 2016 Readers' Choice Nightlife Photo Album

Check out the photos from our epic celebritory evening on Wednesday, September 28 at XL Nightclub.

Believe In The Power of Protest

You’ve probably heard about the huge protest happening in Poland for reproductive rights. Well, it worked.

10 YouTube Videos Every Baby Queer Should Watch

YouTube is full of knowledge. What’s so great about the vast amount of knowledge on YouTube is that it’s accessible, meaning literally anyone can search for what they’re looking for free and hear another person’s experience on that topic (yay accessibility!!!). This is even more important for baby queers because there isn't a great deal of accessible resources out there for our community.

Happy National Coming Out Day

Every year on October 11th, we celebrate our community with National Coming Out Day. Why this date? Well, back in 1987 on October 11, half a million people participated in a March on Washington D.C. for LGBTQ rights.

Your Vote Counts

Friday is the last day to register to vote in NYS and we need you to get out there and register (if you haven't already). #LezVote!!


#SpiritDay Brings Bullying Into Focus

GO Mag and friends join GLAAD for Spirit Day to take a stand against bullying. This message is so important for our LGBTQ youth, especially these days when we have a bully running for president. Are you with us?

Cynthia Nixon on playing Nancy Reagan, passing up the chance to play Carrie Brownstein's girlfriend

Was Nancy Reagan a Miranda? Cynthia Nixon takes on the role of the "polarizing" first lady in National Geographic Channel's adaptation of the Bill O'Reilly bestseller Killing Reagan, which premiered Oct 16th but airs again Nov 7th. 


Photo by Ricardo Savi/National Geographic Channel/PictureGroup

SAPPHO Takes on Femme Invisibility

SAPPHO Jewelry was created out of the struggle of femme invisibility, which is a disappointing reality for many queer women.

GO for Hillary

Renowned civil rights attorney, community advocate and GO columnist Yetta Kurland highlights Hillary Clinton's unparalleled leadership qualities, historic achievements, and iconic status as a tireless fighter for both women and the queer community in GO's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Kurland and our editorial staff support Secretary Clinton as THE moral-and merit-based choice in this critically important 2016 election.


Photo credit: RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images

Mothership is the New Festival for Queer Feminists

Women’s retreats and festivals have been a staple of lesbian culture for decades, but for various reasons, a lot of them have not been able to sustain themselves.

How LGBTQ Women Fared on TV This Year

Every year, GLAAD releases their Where We Are on TV report on television’s LGBTQ inclusion, keeping networks aware and responsible for their representation or lack thereof. It’s a helpful reminder of progress made and desired, with helpful suggestions made on the organization’s behalf on how to improve visibility for queer people, specifically as it relates to intersectionality. (GLAAD’s report has separate sections accounting for LGBTQ characters that are Black, Latinx, API, multiracial and disabled.)

Anti-LGBT Attacks Hit NYC Again; LGBTQ People Most Targeted Group for Hate Crimes

Even in an era of growing social acceptance, our community remains under assault more than any minority group. Why, and what can we do to help stop the madness?

HRC Issues Report Urging Next President to Stand for LGBTQ Equality Policies

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) urges our next president to enact over 70 policies that would expand federal protections for LGBTQ Americans, and increase our community's representation in government.

12 Outstanding Queer Women Candidates: A Voter's Snapshot

GO profiles 12 lesbian and transgender candidates running in key local races around the country who deserve your attention.

Review: Beyond The Screen Door

Most coming of age novels aim to be relatable but don't necessarily include a diversity of experiences. Out lesbian author Julia Diana Robertson has always dreamed of adding a different voice to YA, and her new novel Beyond The Screen Door does just that.

Queer Black Women Should be With Hillary

Selma, Alabama, 1965. From Selma to Montgomery, one of the most noteworthy triumphs for the civil rights crusade emerged.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his allies in the movement provoked a revolution that incessantly rehabilitated history.

Election Day 2016

You may think that we can't see any results until the polls close, but that's not quite true this year. Early voting kicked some serious ass this year.

Refriending Your Dumped Trumpsters: The Imperative Case for Informing the Ill-Informed
It happened, and we’re all coping in our own way. So now what? GO Publisher Amy Lesser expounds on the “education” she gleaned through post-election conversations with Trump voters, and how we must strive to “educate” those who, in their  "desire for change," have threatened the rights and lives of so many. Now more than ever before, “giving up” and isolating ourselves from "the opposition" is not an option. Here's why. 
There Is No Switch: A Personal Account of The Day After Trump Got Elected

A story lives within the hours between 7 pm and 1 am on November 8th, 2016. My household had gone from drinking rum and wine and hope, to silence, to spells, to shaking tears, to hugs and reminding each other of tomorrow’s sunrise.

On Queer, Black, Femme Survival: When The Spirit Says Move, You Move

I woke up this morning to tea and silence. I’ve been feeling a heightened sense of urgency in my bones. I can literally feel it like swift currents of electricity moving through unseen mazes of never ending walls and dark corridors.

A Short Note on Courage

Inspiration to keep going from our history.

A Lesbian in Paris
Paris has long been known as a romantic refuge for expatriates, artists and progressive poets, but has it kept true to its legacy?
Women chefs are “Hungry” for the chance to prove themselves

Patriarchy comes with a lot of ironies, and one of the most infuriating is that men want women to get back in the kitchen, as long as it’s not part of a successful restaurant.

#RejectRussell: The Insidious Provision Hiding in Our Annual Defense Bill

Congress is slated to weigh an annual defense bill loaded with a horrifying anti-LGBTQ provision: The Russell Amendment. The amendment would allow workplace discrimination against employees by so-called "religious organizations" who receive federal grants or contracts. 

Madin Lopez offers gender-non-conforming youth a “Transformation” tonight on MTV

MTV has been a pivotal part of LGBT visibility on reality television since Pedro came out as gay and HIV positive on the third season of The Real World in 1994.

Jillian Michaels is One Political Mother

The out fitness personality has a new book about modern motherhood, and it’s as progressive as her politics.

Sheltered from the Rain: On Trans Day of Remembrance and Rethinking Solidarity

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and it’s raining in Manhattan. I am at my first therapy session since the election. A privilege and resource that has opened up access for my medical transition and has floated me through some of my deepest lows, I don’t know that I will be able to continue these sessions if Trump’s campaign promises are carried out.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

This Sunday, Nov 20, our community will observe Transgender Day of Remembrance (#TDOR), a crucial annual commemoration that memorializes the lives of transgender violence victims.

Trans Allyship in a Trump Presidency
A few months ago, I wrote that, for trans people, it felt like “a time of cautious possibility, a time of uneasy fear.” Now, with a Trump presidency on the horizon, it feels much more like the latter.
Lesbian-Themed Novel “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” Gets Big-Screen Adaptation

Out author Emily Danforth published her debut novel "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" in 2012, and now it’s getting an exciting film adaptation from queer filmmaker Desiree Akhavan.

Fifth Harmony Singer Lauren Jauregui Comes Out in Open Letter to Donald Trump Voters

Pop singer Laura Jauregui wrote a powerful letter to Donald Trump voters in which she came out as bisexual and villified Trump supporters for electing "a person who built an 18-month campaign off the back[s] of [their] hatred." 

Alia Shawkat on “Search Party,” Playing Queer Roles and A Possible Return to “Broad City”

Alia Shawkat has played several memorable roles in her 17-year-career, most famously Portia de Rossi’s on-screen teen daughter Maeby Funke on "Arrested Development."

Ellen DeGeneres Today Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Some good news floating adrift a sea of social and political turmoil! Openly lesbian LGBTQ equality advocate Ellen DeGeneres will be among the 2016 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a White House ceremony on Nov 22.

"On the Inside" Displays the Work of Incarcerated LGBT Artists

There have been several highly-publicized portrayals of prison life in the media, from documentaries to reality shows to fictional offerings like “Orange is the New Black.”

UN: Victory for LGBT Equality and Protections

The United Nations' General Assembly rejected an effort to stop the work of the organization's LGBT equality expert.

Nothing is ImPossible for Bassist Divinity Roxx

When it comes to badass queer female musicians, Divinity Roxx has it all covered. She started off her bass career as Beyoncé’s bassist and is currently touring her solo record ImPossible.

The Thanksgiving "Break" We All Need

Join us in celebrating what's good in our lives and our country this holiday weekend.

Support Kellogg's in Their Refusal to Fund Hate Speech

We stand with Kellogg's for taking courageous, measurable action against hateful rhetoric and messaging by removing their ads from the so-called "alt-right" website Breitbart. Let’s make sure a lame boycott attempt by the bigots at Breitbart goes over just as well as the #BoycottHamilton one did. 

Classic Lesbian Film “Desert Hearts” Turns 30

Thirty years ago, lesbian-themed films were rare. Outside of a select few like “Personal Best” or “The Hunger,” any blatant portrayal of someone Sapphically-inclined was shrouded in subtext, or made out to be a villain.

L.A.’s Queer Feminist Performance Night “SORORITY” Comes to the Hammer

Gina Young’s successful queer, feminist literary performance series SORORITY is moving to Hammer Museum for a two-night special this weekend in Los Angeles.

Lesbian History is Now Wearable Thanks to Otherwild x Herstory Collaboration

Otherwild, which has locations in both Los Angeles and NYC, is launching a new collaboration with Kelly Rakowski’s Herstory project, and it’s celebrating queer history and culture through fashion.

Holding Oakland Close

In light of the Ghost Ship fire last Friday evening, many fundraising events are popping up all over the country.

Actress Lindsay Hicks on Locking Lips with Saffron Burrows and Playing a Bisexual Lead in “The List"

"The list" is built on the hypothetical notion that should you end up in the same room flirting with your famous crush, you’d get a free pass to participate in whatever might happen next. It's meant to be harmless fun—but what happens when you’re actually given that chance?

HRC Corporate Equality Index Shows Leap in Protections for LGBTQ Workers

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)’s Corporate Equality Index 2017 rated 887 businesses based on criteria specific to how those companies protect their LGBTQ employees. The report’s findings suggest that this year, the nation’s largest employers have overwhelmingly demonstrated through their actions that LGBTQ people are not just tolerated, but welcomed in their workplaces and communities.

“Love is All You Need?” Flips the Script on Hate

Out director K. Rocco Shields is looking to change the world with her new film "Love is All You Need?"

13 Trans Artists To Support This Holiday Season

As you rush to find the perfect holiday gifts for your beloveds, consider intentionally buying from trans, gender-nonconforming, and intersex artists.

Arkansas Supreme Court Attacks Parental Rights of Same-Sex Couples

In a disturbing effort to undermine protections afforded by federal marriage equality, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that same-sex parents in the state do not have the right to be listed on their children’s birth certificates if they are not the child’s biological parent.

Free Life Campaign 10/27